Announcing Tectonic 0.1.7!

I’m happy to announce the release of Tectonic 0.1.7!

This is a fairly modest release — things have been very quiet lately as real life and the day job have dominated my time.

The most visible change is that I just figured out how to fix issue #58 — Tectonic would fail to parse certain PDF images if one tried to include them in a document. There was a bit of a silly bug in the Rust I/O layer that was not getting exposed except in fairly specialized circumstances. It’s squashed now! So certain documents that used to fail to compile should work now.

There’s also been yet more nice work behind the scenes by some of our indefatigable contributors:

  • @Mrmaxmeier contributed a whole bunch of cleanups to the C code as well as fixes that should allow you to generate multiple PDFs inside a single process [#129]
  • Ronny Chevalier updated the compilation infrastructure to work in parallel and in the end contributed some features to Rust’s upstream gcc crate! [#127 and others]

There have been intermittent problems lately with the SSL certificate to the domain which we use to seed the default “bundle” of LaTeX files. It’s working for me at the moment, so it’s not totally busted, but the problem seems to have come and gone over the past few weeks. See this thread for more information and a workaround.

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