Problems caused by expired SSL certificate for

If you’ve been trying to compile new documents over the past few days, you may have run into problems because, the front-line service that redirects requests for the “default” Tectonic bundle, has an expired SSL certificate. This is a little frustrating since the whole point of is to do that one job with rock-solid reliability. But, here we are.

Fortunately (sort of), there is a workaround available, already documented here.

I have contacted the people, who are in charge of; hopefully this situation will be ironed out soon. It may be worth investigating alternatives — the domain is one that is embedded in the distributed binaries, so I want it to point to something that can be expected to work reliably into the indefinite future.

Argh. This is happening again. The current workaround URL is:

I will investigate alternative services since does not seem to be delivering the level of reliability we would like to have.

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OK, the just-released version 0.1.11 now embeds a link to That’s the main URL for the people that are now in charge of the PURL system, so I expect it will be much more reliable.

So, in addition to the above workarounds, upgrading to 0.1.11 should help.