Web service outage — workaround deployed

I just got a message from bintray.com, the service hosting Tectonic’s main “bundle” files, saying that my account has been “rate-limited”. I am not sure what’s going on, but it seems as if pretty much all requests to that URL are being rejected with an HTTP 403 error.

I have tried to get in contact with the bintray.com people, but haven’t heard anything yet.

I have re-uploaded the bundle files to a new service, the Harvard Dataverse, that seems to work for now, and might provide better service overall. Due to how its URLs work another layer of redirection is necessary, so a working bundle URL is:


Edit: I’ve figured out how to update the purl.org link, so default installations should start using this new URL immediately.

Unfortunately, it seems that purl.org is also having technical difficulties, such that I can’t update the default bundle redirect at the moment. I am also working on fixing that. In the meantime,

You can activate an alternate default bundle in two ways:

  1. Use the -w option to the command line program, if you’re using version 0.1.8. It was broken in earlier versions.
  2. Edit your configuration file to include the following stanza.
url = "https://tectonic.newton.cx/bundles/tlextras-2016.0r4/bundle.tar"

On Linux, this configuration file is named ~/.config/Tectonic/config.toml . On macOS/OS X, it is named ~/Library/Application Support/Tectonic/config.toml . You will need to create this file even if you’ve run Tectonic before, and you may have to create the directories that contain it. (As per this earlier post.)