Watching a file

Is it possible to have tectonic watch a file and rebuild when it changes?

That’s a feature that I’ve usually thought of as being outside of Tectonic’s responsibility, but it’s definitely something that’s been requested a few times, and I don’t have super strong feelings one way or the other.

I believe there are generic tools that will provide this kind of functionality — my first web search result is something called reflex, but I’m awfully sure there are other options. Would an approach like that do the trick for you? If the functionality gets built into Tectonic that’s one less tool to install, but I do want to avoid “mission creep” in the command-line program.

First of all thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:
Something like reflex would definitely do the trick for me, I asked here because I come from latexmk where this feature is built in.
I hope other people looking for the same feature will find this thread.
Keep up the great work!