The TeX engine had an unrecoverable error

Hello Community,

I have an error in my travis build, which I cannot understand. Do you have an idea, why this build fails?

Part of Log

Output written on MAIN_Masterthesis.xdv (27 pages, 68280 bytes).
Transcript written on MAIN_Masterthesis.log.
e[0me[1me[31merror:e[0m the TeX engine had an unrecoverable error
e[0me[1me[31mcaused by:e[0m halted on potentially-recoverable error as specified

Link to formatted log.


LaTeX Warning: File `…/figures/Umfrage1_Frage6.png’ not found on input line 24
! Unable to load picture or PDF file ‘…/figures/Umfrage1_Frage6.png’.

Forgot to push an image perhaps?

[edit] Or you upload PNG files while it looks for png files

Ah you are right! I had to change png to PNG and it worked!.
Thank you very much!

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