TexLive and Tectonic

I have installed TexLive, and I think it is no longer supported. How do I install tectonic? Do I have to uninstall TexLive, or just install Tectonic.?

But there is I have a bigger problem. I may have to reinstall my X11 system. I got a new message
to the effect tha t some of my files and directiory could not be installed, These files include
X11, System/Fonts.

It looks like I have may have to start all over install xCode, X11, tecTronic?

Is it that ba

Thanx in advace for any help

I’m confused, are you using X11 on a Mac? If you have problems with that, I’m afraid you are at the wrong forum.

Yes I am using X11 on the Mac. There is a Macport of X11. I use vi as an editor and then LaTex my latex source. Recently I’ve not been able to xdvi the .dvi file. I can pdflatex the latex file with no error, I’m hopiing I’ll have beter like with Tectonic.