Tectonic says warnings were issued but I cannot find those warnings

When I compile my document using tectonic, I see the message

warning: warnings were issued by the TeX engine; use --print and/or --keep-logs for details.

When I use the --keep-logs option and search for “warning”, “badness” etc. in the log, I cannot find anything. Furthermore, I tried this method for making warnings fatal and my document still seemed to compile fine.

I have two questions related to this situation:

  1. What is the warning in my case (link to log file)?
  2. In general, what method should I follow when tectonic tells me that warnings were issued by the TeX engine and I would like to identify what those warnings are?

PS: I am using bibtex.

Yeah … TeX will set a “warning issued” flag in response to a variety of events, and they’re not always reported in a consistent way.

The recent release 0.1.15, however, does add some new integration to try to pull out these warnings and report them using Tectonic’s additional colorized output. So if you reran your compilation with a more recent release, it might be clearer where the warning is coming from.