Tectonic configuration problem

I’m using the home-brew install of tectonic on MacOS.

% tectonic --version
Tectonic 0.1.11

The following very minimal file fails to compile

% cat hello.tex



Here’s what happens

% tectonic hello.tex
note: this is a BETA release; ask questions and report bugs at https://tectonic.newton.cx/
note: generating format "latex"
warning: open of input UnicodeData.txt failed
caused by: No such file or directory (os error 2)
error: something bad happened inside TeX; its output follows:

(texput (tectonic-format-latex.tex (latex.ltx (texsys.cfg)
./texsys.aux found

\@currdir set to: ./.

Assuming \openin and \input 
have the same search path.

Defining UNIX/DOS style filename parser.

catcodes, registers, parameters,
LaTeX2e <2018-04-01> patch level 4
hacks, control, par, spacing, files, font encodings, lengths,

Local config file fonttext.cfg used

(fonttext.cfg (fonttext.ltx
=== Don't modify this file, use a .cfg file instead ===

(omlenc.def) (t1enc.def) (ot1enc.def) (omsenc.def) (tuenc.def) (tulmr.fd)
(tulmss.fd) (tulmtt.fd) (t1cmr.fd) (ot1cmr.fd) (ot1cmss.fd) (ot1cmtt.fd)))

Local config file fontmath.cfg used

(fontmath.cfg (fontmath.ltx
=== Don't modify this file, use a .cfg file instead ===

(omlcmm.fd) (omscmsy.fd) (omxcmex.fd) (ucmr.fd)))

Local config file preload.cfg used

(preload.cfg (preload.ltx)) page nos., x-ref, environments, center, verbatim,
math definitions, boxes, title, sectioning, contents, floats, footnotes,
index, bibliography, output,  Unicode character data, (load-unicode-data 
load-unicode-data.tex v1.6 (2017-06-27)
Reading Unicode data
# UnicodeData-10.0.0.txt
# Downloaded 2017-06-27 17:00:00 GMT [JAW]
Local configuration file hyphen.cfg used
(hyphen.cfg (xebabel.def) (switch.def) (hyphen.tex) (dumyhyph.tex)
(zerohyph.tex) (dehypht-x-2018-03-31.tex
dehyph-exptl: using a TeX engine with native UTF-8 support.
German Hyphenation Patterns (Traditional Orthography) `dehypht-x' 2018-03-31 (W
! Nonletter.
l.144 .ä
No pages of output.
Transcript written on texput.log.

error: the TeX engine had an unrecoverable error
caused by: halted on potentially-recoverable error as specified

I do also have TexLive 2018 installed. The tectonic chatter reports files being processed but does not give their absolute paths. The file dehypht-x-2018-03-31.pat where the error ultimately occurs does exist in the TexLive folder (and it does have a unicode character at the line indicated). I can only assume tectonic is choking on that file.

  • The chatter says tectonic has downloaded UnicodeData-10.0.0.txt, but I’m not sure where it put it. That file ultimately references the file that causes the error. However it seems that tectonic isn’t downloading any of the dependent files and it’s find the version from my texlive install.
  • I moved the TexLive folder aside but the problem persists which is weird.
  • Are there some envariables that control tectonic? I’ve unset any that are related to TEX.
  • There is no transcript written on texput.log as reported
  • Where does tectonic stash its files? I couldn’t find them in any of the obvious places.