Suppress UTF8 warnings

I was hoping to use Tectonic for my thesis as its output seems so much more user friendly than any other solution. I am, however, facing an issue where using the acronyms package (which has a dependency on xstring) will cause a ton of warnings to be issued. These issues are all in the form:

warning: xstring.tex:864: Invalid UTF-8 byte or sequence at line 864 replaced by U+FFFD.

I do not question the validity of the warning, but this warning gets issued for many different lines in this module every time the TeX engine is run and thus ruining the nice output.

I’m wondering if there is any way to suppress the warnings given by the TeX engine. For other TeX distributions the silence package seems to do the trick, but I cannot seem to make it work with Tectonic. Is there any other option that I can try to fix the output?

P.S. An alternative seemed to be to use the glossaries package, but it seems that I cannot get it to work even when trying to run makeglossaries manually.