Running in place / launching scripts

Hi, I need to run a script co-located with my main tex document.


Tectonic is trying to run the command from the temporary build folder:

note: running shell command: `pwd`
note: running shell command: `sh`
sh: No such file or directory

I need one of the following:

  1. the ability of running tectonic in-place
  2. the ability to add ancillary files that need to get copied over to the tmp folder

Any hint?

Sounds like a bug in Tectonic, you can find similar issues like this one: `\inputminted` support: files missing from shell-escape working directory · Issue #835 · tectonic-typesetting/tectonic · GitHub
I don’t know if an absolute path works there. If not, maybe have a look for other github issues or check the implementation in Tectonic why it does this.

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Thanks, I left a comment there too. I’d like to switch to tectonic for all my LaTeX workflows but there are often these issues that prevent me to.