Pointers for debugging differences between Tectonic and other engines

Hi! I recently resumed work on a large-ish personal project that is currently using XeLaTeX. In trying to set up some automated builds I heard about Tectonic and wanted to check it out… really promising work, and I love the direction you’re taking it.

I tried a simple swap of xelatex for tectonic in my script, and it worked almost perfectly! Then I noticed some pagination was a little bit different, like Tectonic wasn’t being quite as aggressive about trying to keep paragraphs on a single page. (IIRC, this may have been from the wonderfully named \sloppybottom feature of memoir.)

However, it’s been a long while since I set this up, and I’ve never been much of a TeX wizard… I’m not even sure how to go about trying to debug what’s happening. Just wondering if there are documented differences in the engines, or if anyone’s gone down this road before and has some pointers for figuring out what’s going differently.