Plotting a table from a LaTeX document

(New to LaTeX)

I’ve been googling for the past few days, trying to find a nice way to plot a table of data defined in a latex document.

From what I can tell, everything requires you to define the data in a separate file, and then load it in for a table and plot. However, many of the answers on this I found are rather old, so I’m hoping some people around here might know of a more modern way to approach this

This forum is specifically for questions about Tectonic, are you sure that you have a question about Tectonic, and not about LaTeX in general? In the latter case, asking your question at a site like will get you a lot more response.

As to your question, I’m sure something like that must have been asked before on the site I mentioned, e.g., although I don’t see why you cannot have your data in a separate file.