Is the server down?

I was trying to use tectonic for my tex file and and it looks like I can’t connect to the server. is the server down?
I had no issues using tectonic yesterday.

This is the output I get.

$ tectonic main.tex 
note: this is a BETA release; ask questions and report bugs at
note: connecting to
note: resolved to
note: downloading index
caused by: couldn't fetch
caused by: unexpected HTTP response to URL 404 Not Found



I’m also having this exact issue, so it’s not just you. On my computer, it keeps retrying, but the server is returning a 404 so I’d expect it’s not something that will be fixed by trying again. I’m on Tectonic 0.1.15.

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I’m not sure if the problem was fixed on the server end or something I did got it working, but I am able to compile PDFs again. In case anyone else is still having the problem, I installed texlive-most (, used pdflatex to compile my document a few times, and now it works. Perhaps it found the dependency on my computer instead of looking for it online?

I did not do anything, but it started working for me too.
the links in the errors are not giving a 404 now.

If somebody fixed the server, thanks!

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