Build glossary and acronyms

Hello community,

I am using tectonic for building my latex project with travis on github. For that i use this script.

language: generic

  • sudo apt-get install texlive-binaries
  • export PATH="$HOME/miniconda/bin:$PATH"
  • if ! command -v conda > /dev/null; then wget
    -O; bash -b -p $HOME/miniconda -u; conda config --add
    channels conda-forge; conda config --set always_yes yes; conda install tectonic==0.1.10;
  • conda install -c malramsay biber==2.11 --yes
  • conda info -a
  • sudo mkdir -p ~/.config/Tectonic/
  • echo “[[default_bundles]]” | sudo tee --append ~/.config/Tectonic/config.toml
  • sudo echo “url = “””
    | sudo tee --append ~/.config/Tectonic/config.toml
    • “$HOME/miniconda”
    • “$HOME/.cache/Tectonic”
  • cd ./thesis/
  • tectonic --keep-intermediates --reruns 0 ./MAIN_Masterthesis.tex
  • if [ -f “./MAIN_Masterthesis.bcf” ]; then biber MAIN_Masterthesis; fi
  • tectonic ./MAIN_Masterthesis.tex --print
  • cd …/

How can I build also the glossary and the acronyms?


Tectonic does not handle everything yet, unfortunately. I am guessing the same holds for your glossary and acronyms. So, same holds as with biber: how do you build the glossary and acronyms locally? (I’m not going to dig through your thesis to find that out). Then do the same on Travis.

If you believe Tectonic should support this, check for issues at or create one yourself (including sufficient information about how you are building your glossary/acronyms).

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I use TexStudio for building the project. Sadly I have no idea how it builds the glossary or which commands it executes to build it. I will try to find it by googling. Thank you PHPirates!

I found this shell commands in the manual of the glossaries package:

makeindex -t myDoc.glg -s -o myDoc.gls myDoc.glo
makeindex -t myDoc.alg -s -o myDoc.acr myDoc.acn
makeindex -t myDoc.nlg -s -o myDoc.not myDoc.ntn

Now I have to figure out how to run it in travis.

I see, yeah TeXstudio tends to hide that kind of stuff. Running makeindex shouldn’t be a problem, note the original build file at even had a makeindex call (but commented out) to build an index. Good luck!

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