Announcing Tectonic 0.1.9!

To allow packagers to start working with the new Windows support, I’ve rolled release 0.1.9.

User-facing improvements:

  • Tectonic is now available on Windows! (#210, #231). There are likely to be rough edges to both the developer and user experience, but the test suite passes and Windows is now included in the CI infrastructure. Big thanks to new contributor @crlf0710 who really got the ball rolling on this important milestone.
  • Fully offline operation is now much improved:
    • There is a new --only-cached (AKA -C) option that will avoid all Internet connections (#203). While Tectonic takes pains to avoid needing an Internet connection when compiling documents, there are still times when you can get more done by explicitly preventing it from even trying to talk to the network.
    • The --bundle and --web-bundle options finally work again. The switch to on-the-fly generation of format files broke them due to an internal implementation problem; this has now been fixed ([#181).
    • If you put a file:// URL into your Tectonic configuration file as your default bundle, Tectonic will now load it correctly (#211).

Internal improvements:

  • Tectonic now avoids panicking from Rust into C code, which is not supported behavior (#91). Thanks to @rekka for persistence in getting this one across the finish line.
  • Tectonic now avoids crashing when trying to open empty filenames (#212).

Developer-facing improvements:

  • Tectonic is now more up-front about the fact that it requires Harfbuzz version 1.4 or higher.
  • Much of the code that drives compilation for the CLI tool has been moved into the Tectonic library and mode (more) reusable (#184). Thanks to new contributor @jneem for doing this!
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