"Roadmap" to 0.1.6

I think that we are rapidly getting to the point where a new release of Tectonic is warranted. Here’s the list of things that I’d like to get in before cutting the 0.1.6 release:

  • Launch these discussion forums! Includes updating the static site.
  • Tidy up handling of input files with relative paths and/or weird names (GitHub #31 and friends)
  • Stub out some a user manual that shows up on the website somehow
  • \TectonicCodaTokens

I think that’s it! There are lots of other low-hanging fruit that could make it into the next release, but I think it’s good to maintain a high release cadence, so there’s no rush to fit things in just yet.

Hi @pkgw, does it make sense to keep track of this roadmap using a GitHub milestone (or perhaps a project)? That might help tie some of this discussion to actual issue numbers, and make sure they get cleaned up as we go.

@sasha as a matter of general principle, yes. But in this particular case there are very few things on the to-do list, and I’m trying to seed the forums with topics :slight_smile:

Fair enough; maybe something to look at for future releases! :slight_smile:

Regarding using projects, I think it could be useful for the cleaning up of the C source code in tectonic/. There is a lot of clean up to do, and it could probably be split up in multiple github issues tracked using a single project.

Is anyone working on #31? I’d have a stab at it during a lunch break or something.

@rekka Yeah, I’m about to get on a six-hour flight during which I intend to work it out :wink:

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OK, I believe that I’ve fixed #31 in PR #94. Huzzah!

However, I admit that I was a bit lazy about test cases — @sasha’s test case started working but there are surely more to develop.

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Heads up — I’ve been telling myself that I’ll sit down and write some more docs before 0.1.6 but this pretty clearly seems not to be happening, and it’s time to get a new release out. I intend to cut a release this weekend. If you have any last-minute polish, now’s the time!

I’ve officially cut the 0.1.6 release. Writing up release notes now, which is going to take a long time since there were so many contributions!