Reusing Boilerplate and Local Packages


I have some macros that I want to be available in any documents on my system. They might be simple things like financial_planner_name and company, which expand to “Doug” and “XY” in one configuration, and “James” and “XY” on another (ie another employees folder).

Another case might be paragraphs of text (or tex) I want to bring in by name, like legal_disclaimer={…}.

I presume latex packages and classes are what is used to do this? How do I tell tectonic where to look on a local system for packages and classes?

Is there an example or tutorial on making a package or class using tectonic, so they can be used elsewhere on my system?

Did you try if Tectonic respects TEXMFHOME or TEXINPUTS environment variables?
It does mention the latter one here: tectonic -X compile - The Tectonic Typesetting System

Ok if i were to set TEXINPUTS to include folder Y, and i have a couple tectontic under Y like
Maybe I am trying to have a style or class in that folder or just a document.

How do I include a proj1 in a document project?

I am a total latex newb. this isn’t obvoius.

Also non-obvious. How does one create a class or style in tectonic? Is it even a thing or does it need to be in another flavour of latex?

As a beginner I suppose I should be using something like MikTex? I like the simple interface of tectonic but it seems like one really needs to know what they are doing?

You are mixing up so many different things that I think it would be easier if you first followed some LaTeX tutorials and search online for how you would solve your problems without requiring Tectonic, and once you solved them then try the same with Tectonic - which will be very similar, except there is less online help available.