Installed tectonic, now what?

Please! I’m a noobie, I recently started installing tectonic:i downloaded the .exe file (i’m a windows user, installed anaconda3 and runned the

conda install -c conda-forge tectonic

But the .exe file is still not working. Should i move it somewhere? (I have it on my desktop, also, i installed conda on another directory…idk if that may cause some trouble)
The error message says:

the program execution could not be completed because libfontconfig.dll file is missing. Reinstalling the software may solve the issues.

You are indeed mixing up things. You either download the .exe and run it, or you install Tectonic via conda. If one of the methods does not work, try the other.

If you don’t know how to run an executable file on Windows, I suggest you do some internet browsing as this has nothing to do with Tectonic.

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