Compile on save

Sry if this is obvious, but i’m new at…everything.
I’m using tectonic through vimtex (through spacevim, but i dont think it matters) and i’m trying to make tectonic compile on file save. From what i gather tectonic is not watching the files for changes yet, right? is it possible somehow to do it? and it should be done at the level of tectonic or at the level of vimtext? or maybe even by chaining commands at the editor level somehow(spacevim allows the creation of tasks).
I realize the last couple questions maybe outside the scope of this forum but i’m trying to get to the right direction.

On short term, configuring this in your editor is your best bet. Some editors support autocompile out of the box for any compiler.
On long term, let’s see what @pkgw thinks about it.